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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

iPad How to

Did you just get an iPad? Did it come with instructions? Mine didn't either. No iPad manual, no iPad how to. Just a pdf explaining how to protect myself and my iPad. I need to know how to set up my iPad. How do I integrate it with iTunes? Do I have to register my iPad first? There are a lot more questions I have on how to use my iPad. Apple should have come out with an Ipad how to for it's users.

When I first got my iPad, I checked on the internet to see if there were any user guides on the internet. There weren't any. But as I look now there are quite a few.
I won't go into the ones that I bought that were not any good or just did not have enough information but here are the two that had me really enjoying my iPad.

The first iPad how to I bought was "iPad Video Lessons"
The second how to was "iPad 4 Idiots" Some of the stuff in iPads 4 idiots was also in the first how to I bought but there was a lot of information that wasn't. If I had to buy only one book it would be "iPad Video Lessons" because it covered a lot more information an I thought it was easier to follow.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My iPad Didn't Come With Instructions

Do you want to get proficient with utilizing your apple iPad, but don't want
to spend countless hours dealing with going through incredibly
boring guides, as well as attending incredibly costly special classes...

...Then I have the solution for you:

"iPad Video Lessons"

The entire objective will be to educate you on how you can master your iPad.
This is whatyou'll receive...

  * "A Complete and Comprehensive iPad Fast Track!"  (Over 100
tutorial videos that  you can view on your pc or on your
iPad... You choose)

The full course consists of complete guidelines, outlining how you can perform each and every function. It offers simple-to-follow, step-by-step, tap-by-tap
guidelines for you to master your iPad easily.

It enables you to pause, rewind and re-watch any areas repeatedly
 until such time as you're confident. It's completely versatile and enables
you to definitely learn at your individual pace within the ease and comfort of your own home, on
your own computer or iPad.

Using these specifically made online instructional videos you will be
a confident and skilled iPad operator!

PS - For anybody who is seriously interested in the need to command ones ipad device, and
easily become a confident as well as proficient user, then there is certainly no
better solution to suit your needs in comparison with this.

I very highly recommend it:
"iPad Video Lessons"